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Is It Worth It To Hire Movers? Little Known Factors You Should Know About

February 03, 2023|

Moving is never an easy task. Whether you want to change places or not, it is always a bit tiresome to pack and unpack all your belongings and transport them. So, asking for some assistance is usually a wise choice. Nonetheless, who would be a better help? Your siblings or cousins? Your friends? Or, maybe, is it better to leave it in the hands of professionals? Throughout this article we will make a comparison to answer the question: is it worth to hire movers?

A whole room filled with boxes and items such as a black guitar, plants and a stair
A whole room filled with boxes and items such as a black guitar, plants and a stair

1. Moving Yourself vs Hiring Movers

There are several factors that will determine if it is better for you to move by yourself or hire some movers. Nonetheless, before taking a look at the specifics of each move, let’s start with the basics on when it.ç

1.1 When Should I Move by Myself?

In order to know if it is better to move by yourself or not, the first question you need to answer is: are you able to? Not everyone is physically capable of lifting a 150 lb couch or a king size mattress, even when they do it with someone else. Apart from weight, you should consider the protection your belongings need: can you secure your grandma’s 8-foot-tall 80-year-old French mahogany wardrobe well enough so it lasts another 80 years? Sometimes saving a few bucks from here can force you to spend some elsewhere.

Another thing to consider is the extra hands you might need. Sometimes, the same people who are moving will make do, especially in families with children who are in their late teens. However, most times some outside help is required and that’s when friends or some relatives are useful. Nonetheless, take into account there are some risks when moving with people who are not used to it: they might get a hernia when lifting your furniture, or are proner to drop the boxes and damage your stuff.

Provided that you and those who will help are physically able to move all your things and that the risk of damaging anything important/expensive is low, moving by yourself is a good alternative. Undoubtedly, you will spend less than if you hired a moving agency so it is the way to go for many.

1.2 When Should I Hire Movers?

When you hire movers you will have to fork out some extra money yet, it goes without saying, fewer problems will arise. Damage risk is certain to lower down as your belongings are handled by experienced people. Also, moving companies have all the necessary packaging to transport your goods safely, not only old newspapers and cardboard boxes.

What’s more, the moving company is certain to be faster so, if time is money for you and every hour spent in the move is one hour away from your job, do not rule them out. Factor in how many working hours you would lose and the effort you would do to know if it is cost-profitable.

Woman smiling and looking straight to man with red shirt that is holding a box
Woman smiling and looking straight to man with red shirt that is holding a box

2. What Is The Cheapest Way To Move?

There are several costs to consider to calculate what’s the best way to move on a budget. Therefore, let’s take a deeper look at what to take into account:

2.1 Renting a Truck Costs

Rental truck prices vary from company to company. However, the average cost ranges from $130 and $190 for local moves and from $1600 to $2200 for long distance moves. As you may have correctly assumed, the price will depend on the size of the truck you need for your move.

2.2 Portable Storage Containers Costs

Container units have slowly but surely gained popularity over the years. They allow you to load and unload them at your own pace as rental times are relatively long. Prices usually start at around $600 per unit for local moves. Shipping prices tend to go down when renting units in bulk, though.

2.3 Professional Movers Costs

Moving companies charge an hourly rate. For small apartments, usually 2 workers are needed and the average cost is $99 per hour for a job that takes around 3 hours. Big homes will require 5 workers and the median price is $199 per hour and the work usually lasts 12 hours.

2.4 How Do I Estimate Moving Costs

To know how much you will spend, decide whether you will do the move yourself or if you will hire a moving company. Usually the former will provide it for you accurately. If you are doing a DIY move, add up the rental truck price, and the mileage and gas prices that will depend on the distance. Do not forget highway toll fees and the insurance. Moreover, some states impose considerable taxes, so check local regulations.

2.4.1 Distance

You also need to add a +$2 fee per mile. As a result, distance is the biggest element to consider. Moreover, if you are renting a truck for a short distance move, there might be a minimum mileage fee. Moreover, gas is not included, so those gallons will set you back a few hundred dollars too, depending on the length.

2.4.2 Move Size

The size of your vehicle will depend on how many items you are moving. Prices range from $20 per day for a 10’ truck (average for a 1 bedroom house) to $40 per day for a 26’ truck (good enough for a 4/5 bedroom home).

2.4.3 Season

Lifting heavy boxes under the summer Texan sunlight is not pleasant for anybody. Neither is driven during snowstorms in Vermont. For this reason, companies will charge more depending on the time of year you move. On the other hand, truck rental companies prices are usually lower because less people are moving. So, a DIY move on a harsh month will be more tiresome but way economical.

2.4.4 Packing Supplies

Cardboard boxes, tape, bubble paper wrapping and moving pads may look cheap, but they all add up when packing everything you have. If you’re doing yourself, throw in a support belt and some security shoes if you want to be protected when lifting heavy objects.

2.4.5 Additional Expenses (e.g. moving insurance, unpacking services)

There are extra, often forgotten, costs to consider. First, you’ll need a moving insurance that is around $100. Also take into account you might need some tow equipment to transport your vehicle if you are moving long distances and cannot go back to pick it up.

Two movers with blue shirts and caps unloading boxes from a moving truck
Two movers with blue shirts and caps unloading boxes from a moving truck

3. Final Thoughts: How to Choose the Best Moving Option for Me?

Moving companies may seem expensive at first, especially in comparison to the amazingly low (and amazingly misleading) truck rental prices. Nonetheless, when you take into account all the factors that make up the price, the moving company’s budget becomes quite reasonable.

Doing the entire move by yourself will ultimately save you a considerable amount of money though. Therefore, if you have people who can help you out in exchange for a cold beer and you are not afraid of damaging any valuable item, go for the DIY move. However, if you want to save some time, and rid yourself of any major inconveniences, call the pros.

4. FAQs

4.1. What Is The Cheapest Way To Move My Stuff?

Usually the cheapest way is to rent a moving truck and pack and load everything by yourself. Prices will be even lower if you do so in a low moving time of the year.

4.2. How Much Does It Cost To Make A Move?

This will depend entirely on how many items you move and the distance. It can go all the way from $600 to $8,000.

4.3. Is It A Good Idea To Hire Movers?

You will have to fork out a few more bucks, but hiring those who know how to secure your belongings and how to handle them is a smart choice.

4.4. How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers?

Each company has a different price, but the average is around $50 per hour per mover. The rate usually is lower when customers hire several workers.

4.5. Is It Worth Paying Movers To Pack?

Packing is the most important factor when it comes to safeguarding your possessions. Therefore, it is wise to pay for someone who knows how to properly do it.

4.6. What Is The Most Cost-Effective Way To Move?

You cannot change the moving distance or the time it takes. But you can choose a weekday or low moving month to reduce the cost. Also, you can get rid of unnecessary things you keep around the house to shorten the packing time.

4.7. Is It Cheaper To Ship Or Hire Movers?

When you hire movers, you are usually paying for a packing and loading service, not accounted for when shipping your belongings. Therefore, it will always be cheaper to ship your things.

4.8. Should Your Friends Help You Move?

If you have friends willing to give you a hand with the move, go for it. It will save you money. However, be careful when handling valuable or expensive items.

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