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9 of the weirdest, grossest and craziest things moving companies have had to move

April 05, 2021|

Moving is a difficult job. On top of having to hoist heavy boxes of hardback books or navigating a grand piano down a narrow staircase, professional movers are sometimes forced to confront some truly unique and strange items that need to be moved to a new home. A garage full of snake tanks, compromising photos of the house’s owner, a moving box literally full of dead rats — movers have seen it all…and then carefully wrapped it, boxed it and placed it gingerly in a moving truck to travel long distance.

Over at Reddit, movers have been revealing the strangest, grossest and most surprising things they’ve encountered on moving day. Take a look at 9 of the weirdest things on the list.

Piles and piles of hidden cash
Imagine having so much money that you stash stacks of it around your house. It happens pretty frequently, to hear the movers tell it.

“Rich family, 10k sq. Ft. House, the whole works,” one mover writes. “Picked up the mattress and something like 10k in cash falls out in a wad. It was a lot. Brought to owner, said ‘I forgot about that, thanks’”

Military weapons
While moving a veteran out of his house, one mover came across a box in the basement marked “CAUTION.” The mover pops open the lid to find several grenades inside.

“We discuss what to do for a minute and decide that we haven’t blown up yet so we are probably fine,” the mover writes. “We carry them all the way to the truck. As we are loading it up, the owner tells us ‘carful with that one,’ followed by a little nostalgic chuckle.” Hope they weren’t going cross-country.

Boxes of rocks
Not decorative rocks, just plain old rocks. And apparently some people keep boxes of them for reasons that are unclear.

“This lady had boxes of rocks that she wanted us to move for her…just random stupid rocks filling old banana boxes,” a mover writes. “They were kept in the closet where no one could see them in the old house. No idea where she planned on putting them at the new house.”

A shrine to a Hollywood actress
What every bedroom needs is a shrine to “Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston.

“There was a wall of framed photos of her in various poses,” the poster writes. “Candles (like yankee candles not religious ones) and a kneeler like a Catholic Church. So weird.”

Bizarre artwork
A nice print or painting is one thing. But this?

A mover from New York recounts the artist whose abode contained hundreds of paintings of “the guy dying from different diseases.”

A truckload full of Faygo soda
One mover was working for the legendary cult band Insane Clown Posse and had to transport a semitruck full of the group’s favorite drink, the Michigan-based, off-brand soda Faygo. “We loaded thousands of 2 liter bottles,” the mover writes. “During the shows, they bust open the sodas and throw them into the crowd.”

Lots and lots of AV equipment
“Once helped a hoarder move who had 117 DVD players, 86 VHS players, and 18 of the exact same Audiovox portable VHS players,” the mover writes, before adding, “I counted.”

Dead pets
“I found a dead cat under a hoarders couch,” a mover writes. “My boss exclaimed ‘We found your cat.’ How does that even happen?” Have fun unpacking that.

Unsettling fridge art
“I once moved a fridge at someone’s place, and they had those fridge magnets that are words that you can arrange to make sentences,” a mover reports. “And they had their magnets arranged to spell out the following: ‘There is ne’er more treacherous a friend than a woman after a man’s codpiece.’ I always thought that was super weird – who has a fridge magnet for the word codpiece?? And as far as I know, that sentence was original.”

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