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10 epic moving fails that toggle the mind

April 09, 2021|

It’s moving day. What could go wrong? As it turns out, plenty.

Whether it involves a DIY move or a shady moving company that someone’s cousin found on Craigslist, the potential for something meme-worthy to go down is high.

Enjoy this compilation of funny pictures, GIFs and videos that should make you feel much, much better about your own move into a new home.

Was this the first time this piano moving company had moved, like, an actual piano?
“Just a little lower. A little lower. Um, too low.”
Balconies > stairs.
Gotta admire the dreamers.
Just. Pick. It. Up. Genius.
The real heroes are the guys who don’t let go of the fridge as it tumbles down the stairs.
Trending: simply dumping stuff off a balcony.
Your car insurance is higher because of people like this.
Maybe, “Just stick the stuff together with duct tape, and we’ll be good to go,” was not the best philosophy for a long-distance move.
Pro tip: Hire a moving truck.

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