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Moveprice was founded with a simple premise:

Moving is stressful, filled with risk and uncertainty. Moveprice simplifies the move process and improves the accuracy of the move quote. The end result ... you save time and money, and you can sleep better knowing that you won’t have unexpected move day surprises.

Moveprice is a subsidiary of Virtual Moving Technologies (VMT), the leader in video survey technology for the moving industry. Moveprice leverages VMT’s technology to enable same day virtual surveys of the household goods to be moved. Using this technique, we can provide you with a fast and accurate move cost estimate without visiting your home. This process saves you the time, scheduling hassle, and risk of an in-home appointment, while also enabling us to view your goods and understand your moving needs. Plus, our virtual move survey uses artificial intelligence that inventories and analyzes your household goods to generate a complete and extremely accurate Moveprice within minutes.

Using our virtual survey technology enables you to quickly get an accurate cost for your move, schedule your move, and relax knowing that your move is being handled with personalized quality and care.

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