Long-distance Moving

Long-distance movers
you can trust

We select the most affordable moving company for you. No hidden fees. No extra charges. No unpleasant surprises.

Long-distance movers
you can trust

We select the most affordable moving company for you. No hidden fees. No extra charges. No unpleasant surprises.

Stop guessing.

We’ll get you the best moving company
and best quotes, here’s how:

We know how stressful it is to move your entire home and life.
That’s why we take the hassle of choosing the right moving
company away and simplify it in 3 steps:

What we have in stock

Moveprice offers everything you need for your move


The right packaging for each item. Your belongings have never traveled more safely.


Your licensed and insured driver will get to your destination quickly and safely.


Leave those heavy boxes to our guys. They will make sure everything is correctly secured in the truck.


No need to unpack. Our movers will do it for you.


Do you lack all the necessary space at the moment? Just say the word! Our storing facilities will hold your belongings whilst you need it.

Why us?

Moveprice prevents you from dealing with several quotes for moving and
packing companies. We take care of everything to make a successful and
hassle-free moving experience.

Transparent, one-stop shop:

Not so long ago, a move would imply having to deal and haggle with several moving companies to get a good price.

Those dark days are over, though.

Moveprice guarantees accurate quotes based on all the info you provide. Spend your money wisely!


Many moving companies will lure their customers in by offering unbelievably low prices.

However, during moving day movers will tell you you are in for paying hundreds of dollars more due to extra fees.

We base our quotes on virtual walkthroughs so we know exactly what you need.

No surprises. No hidden add-ons. No regrets.


At Moveprice several partners come together to provide the most satisfying moving experience.

Even though various movers will be involved, you’ll only have to deal with us.

A comprehensive service:

Moveprice offers all the services necessary for your move, from packing (with packaging included) to storage and unloading.

You can choose whichever fits your budget better.

All our moving services

For those traveling long distances, we offer special services to ease
the moving process even more:

Packing & moving

Nobody likes wrapping, packing and labeling boxes. That’s why we’ll do it for you.

Boxes & supplies

Our movers will bring all the necessary materials, so won’t even have to go to the stationery store.

Corporate relocation

We provide our services to businesses too. We take care of your employees’ stuff as it were ours.

Want to learn more about our solutions?

We guide you. Get the best moving services for your needs.


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What is the best long-distance moving company to use?

Moveprice is the #1 moving services company and the brand you can trust for your long distance move. Our moving experts will look at what you need to move and get you the best quotes from movers. You can then book your move on Moveprice – we’re your one-stop-shop for moving.

What qualifies as long-distance moving?

Everyone’s got a story about a moving company providing a quote sight unseen and then being on the hook for hundreds of dollars more at the time of the move. We give you honest, accurate quotes. No surprises. No hidden addons. No regrets.

What makes a move long distance?

If your move is across state lines or if your moving over 60 miles away, that’s a long distance move. If you’re moving long distace, use Moveprice to get the best quotes – it only takes 15 minutes!

How are long-distance moving costs calculated?

To get the best moving quotes, complete a video walkthrough with one of our moving experts. They’ll see what you need to move and get accurate quotes from the most reliable movers. The cost of moving really depends on the weight of all the stuff you want to move, when you want to move, and how far you’re moving. Talk to our moving experts to find ways to save.