Why You Should Declutter Before Your Move

Getting rid of clutter is a great way to prepare for your upcoming move. It not only clears your home, but also your mind! Here are just a few reasons why you should consider decluttering your home before you move. 


1. You’ll  Save Money Related image

One of the biggest reasons why you want to declutter your home is to save money!  The less you move, the less you’ll have to pay in moving fees and packing supplies. Make sure to recycle items that can be recycled and donate items that are still in good condition. 



2. Keeps You Organized

Decluttering before your move forces you to sit down and get organized! As you declutter you can start your packing process. Begin packing items that you want to keep as you purge the items  you no longer need. Label plastic bins and containers to keep yourself organized. 



3. You’ll Know What Needs Fixing 

Create a pile (or container) with items that you want to keep, but may be broken or in need of some TLC. Keep these items separate and make sure they are packed carefully if you don’t plan on fixing them before you move. You can also do this with items that need to be cleaned. 



4. Simplifies The Moving Process

Figuring out what you want to keep and what you want to discard before your move will help things run smoother on your pack-date. Your movers will appreciate you being organized and may even help you with  discarding large items like beds and sofas. 



5. You’ll Be Helping OthersImage result for donating

There are plenty of charity organizations that will pick up the items you want to donate. Some will even take large appliances and furniture for you. You can also help out a family member or friends by gifting them functional items that you no longer have a use for. 


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