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When Should You Move Your Appliances?

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When purchasing a new home, some or all appliances (generally speaking) will be there for you. New or recently built homes will most likely have up-to-date appliances, but this may not be the case in older homes. In some cases, the previous owner may have taken some of the major appliances with them or left you with something that no longer works. Moving home appliances is standard for some, but for many, it has never crossed their mind. So… When is moving appliances a good idea?

1. Appliances are in poor condition, broken, or out-dated 

If the home you are purchasing has appliances in poor condition (or in some cases, are no longer working) you may want to consider moving your appliances with you. If the appliances are out-dated or don’t suit your personal taste, bringing newer, more modern appliances from your previous home is a good idea.

2. You currently own new appliances

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When you are preparing to sell your home, many realtors will suggest buying new appliances to help the home show better. In other cases, you may have had no choice but to replace a broken appliance. Either way, if your new appliance(s) is vastly superior to the one in your new home, bring it with you. 

3. You’ve found your dream appliance 

If you have found your dream appliance, you don’t need to part ways with it. Whether it’s a touch screen refrigerator that makes your grocery list for you, a noiseless dishwasher, or a chef’s dream range, bring the appliance you can’t live without! 

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Things to remember before moving appliances 

  • Make sure appliances are disconnected/unplugged from gas & water lines for pack-date. 
  • Clean and dry all appliances being moved before your movers load it on the truck.
  • Measure, measure, and then measure again! Make sure you are absolutely positive your appliance fits in your new home.

How can MovePrice help you with your move?

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