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What Items Should You Move Yourself?

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Hiring a moving company for your upcoming move is a great way to rid yourself (and your family/friends) of the heavy lifting and packing. Before moving-day, it’s important to know what your movers will and won’t take, as well as the items you’re better off moving yourself. Most moving companies have guidelines and lists that will inform you what they can and can’t take. Either way, there are some general rules to follow when it comes to items you should move yourself. 

1. High-value items

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Though most moving companies will take your high-valued items, you should try your best to take certain things with you. Valuable jewelry, collections (i.e., coin collection), small antiques, and expensive (or custom) artwork are all things you should consider moving. This will ensure the safety of your most valued belongings. 

2. Money & important documents Image result for important documents image

Paper money and personal/important documents should be taken with you. Again, this will ensure the safety of these items. Though uncommon, it is possible for these things to be lost  (or in some cases, stolen), or damaged. 

3. Certain personal itemsImage result for passport image

There are different personal belongings that you should bring with you when moving. Prescriptions, eye-glasses, passports, and other personal items should go with you. Especially if you need/use them on a regular basis. 

4. Extremely heavy items (and other third party services) 

Extremely heavy items, like safes and grand pianos will not always be moved by your movers. Most movers will offer/provide a third party option which specializes in moving such items. Appliances that are connected to a gas or water line must be disconnected before movers will take them. This too often requires a third party. 

5. Flammable & combustible items 

Any flammable or combustible item cannot be moved by your movers. Examples include ammunition, gasoline, and propane tanks. Your moving company will most likely provide a list of  all these items, and if they don’t, you should ask. Lawn Mowers and other equipment that take gasoline or propane must have fully-drained tanks.

6. Household PlantsImage result for household plants

Your movers will not move your live plants. You will need to move those yourself. However, they will take emptied and cleaned planter-pots. 

7. Perishable foods & liquids 

Most perishable foods and open liquids cannot be moved by your movers. It’s best to ask your movers what they will be willing to move in regards to food and liquids.

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