5 Tips for a Stress Free Move

Moving can be an exciting and stressful time for even the most experienced mover. Once you’ve figured out your destination the adventure just begins as well as all of the worries that go along with your upcoming move. Here are some tips to make your move stress free.

1. Consider your moving options

Will you be moving your items yourself or will you be using a moving company? Either of these choices will pose the question, will you be packing your own items or having the moving company pack your things?


2. Purge excess items

Whether you decide to have a moving company pack your household goods or you are packing on your own doing a good clean out will be helpful. No one thinks they have a lot of stuff until trying to pack up everything they own. Getting rid of items, you no longer need will mean less to move less to unpack. If you are deciding to have movers pack your items, this could mean a smaller cost for packing because moving is priced on the weight of all of your items.


3. Pack in advance

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You will need lots of packing supplies more than you think you will! Begin packing all the items you don’t need on a daily basis ahead of time as well as an valuable items. Pick a specific area of your house to store all your prepackaged boxes. Label or color code your boxes so they are organized.  You can also take advantage of luggage you have to use for packing. Little by little each day will help from being overwhelmed trying to pack your entire house the weekend before your move. Once moving day arrives, you will be able to focus on more important things.


4. Have a plan as soon as possible

Moving yourself or hiring a service? Do you have to rent a truck, borrow a family members or shop for moving quotes? Figure all of this out as soon as you can. Arrange to have your transportation or call and book that moving service as soon as you can. Moving companies can book up quickly in busy seasons which could result to you paying more than you need too.


5. Arrange for utilities in your new place

Once you have your plan and the date for your first day in your new place all set, schedule with your providers to have utility service at your home. The last thing you want is to finally be at peace and the moving is all done and your electricity to not work. Your phone, cable, internet, water, heat and electricity should be all ready to go within the next couple days after your arrival. While scheduling ahead of time to have service at your new location request the service stops at your current location.


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