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Moving to Baltimore

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After reading this post, you’ll know all about moving to Baltimore:

  • The pros and cons of living in Baltimore
  • How much it costs to live in Baltimore
  • How to find a job before moving?
  • Costs of moving to Baltimore
  • What is a livable salary in Baltimore
  • What are the good neighborhoods when moving to Baltimore?
  • Traffic and transportation, weather, and fun activities in Baltimore

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Moving to Baltimore in 2021 is absolutely safe during the pandemic. Here at MovePrice, we work tirelessly to make your move safe and risk-free. All of our professional movers wear masks and follow safety measures during the move.

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What should I know before moving to Baltimore?

The city of Baltimore is located in Maryland and has always been an important seaport of the region. Hometown of the baseball legend Babe Ruth, the city has a population of 609,000 residents and has over 220 neighborhoods across the area.

Baltimore has more statues and monuments per capita than any other city in the U.S. Source: The Beacon.

Image source: Imgur

Pros of moving to Baltimore

Often called the Charm City, Baltimore has so much to offer! Did you know it’s home to the best crab cakes? Hope you’re a seafood fan if you’re moving to Baltimore because all local restaurants and bars have crab on the menu. 🦀 Find the best crab cakes in Baltimore here!

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Meeting new people isn’t hard in Baltimore! Whether you’re a social butterfly or a homebody, becoming a part of a community is easiest through community sports like Volo City or Facebook support groups. Sports like beach volleyball, soccer, cornhole, and football are common. And if you’re perhaps searching for great day car providers, look at local mom groups on Facebook. It is generally known that Baltimore folks are upfront and friendly.

While you’re at it, have a look at the extensive subreddit r/Baltimore if moving to Baltimore, where you’ll find all that you can possibly need.

Cons of moving to Baltimore

HBO’s legendary TV show The Wire was filmed in the city streets of Baltimore. Why is this a con? It isn’t, but if you watched the show, you’d know how much crime and theft happen regularly on the streets.

There is no alcohol purchase on Sundays in the whole city of Baltimore. Be sure to visit a liquor store if you need drinks because you won’t find alcohol in grocery stores. They are conveniently placed right by.

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Crime rates are high in Baltimore. And the truth is – some neighborhoods are worse than others. Keep reading this guide to determine which area is the best for your lifestyle and which ones would be better to avoid if you plan to move with your family.

Another con of moving to Charm City is the traffic – rush hours don’t even exist as a concept on the road 695 because it’s constant congestion. And the average commute in the city of Baltimore is 30.7 minutes, which is higher than the national average.

Is moving to Baltimore safe?

Of course, it is safe to move to Baltimore in 2021. This is a beautiful city with excellent public services. For example, there is the 311 app that makes your life in the city easier. It can serve you with bulk trash pick up, parking, and others.

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But, it isn’t ludacris to be careful and observant when leaving your home or buzzing around (Charm) town. Being almost notorious for it, Baltimore’s violent crime reputation is very high – it’s 77.8, while the US average is 22.7. Property crime is 67.6. (The US average is 35.4) Source: Best Places

We’ve come up with a list of things to always have in mind, which will keep you safe if you’re moving to Baltimore:

  1. Keep an eye on your personal belongings when going to the grocery store
  2. Don’t leave your bags, jackets, shopping bags unattended
  3. Be wary when exiting your home – make sure everything’s locked, and the alarm is ON
  4. Park only on well-lit streets and not far away from your destination
  5. Keep all doors and windows in your car closed, and keep all your stuff in the trunk.

Is Baltimore expensive to live in?

Baltimore is not as expensive to live in as in nearby Washington D.C. It’s also cheaper than the rest of the state. The overall cost of living index comes to 88.2 in the city, while the national average is 100. The overall cost of living in Maryland is much higher; the general index is 113.

COST OF LIVING Baltimore Maryland
overall 88.2 113
grocery 98 105.2
health 89.6 89.1
housing 49.4 127.2
transport 124.4 119.3

The US average is 100.

Source: Best Places


A minimum combined sales tax in Baltimore is set at 6%. This is the total of state, county and city sales tax. (Source: Avalara) If you aren’t sure how much that would take off your household income, calculate the estimate before moving.

While you’re at the math department, adding numbers up, fill our virtual move survey to know exactly how quickly you’ll be on the road to Maryland!


Did you know that Ocean City is just three hours away by road from Baltimore? Yeah! And NYC as well. You can spend your whole summer down on sandy beaches, with a fruity drink in your hand and your home waiting for you in the city.

It’s good to know that you can get a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home for as low as $130,000 in the city of Baltimore!

It’s also useful to have in mind that $1,312 is an average monthly rent in Baltimore (around 820 sq. ft).

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But what living situation to choose when moving to Baltimore? Should you rent homes in Baltimore or purchase real estate?

It really depends on a few factors:

  1. How relaxed your budget is
  2. What job you do and where you do it (the pandemic additionally changed the importance of this one, didn’t it?!)
  3. With whom you’re moving
  4. What lifestyle is most comfortable for you

All of these questions can only be answered by you because you know yourself best. If we can reply to anything, it will be to your need to transfer your life from place A to place B. B stands for Baltimore 🙂

Fill in the quote; it’ll be done in under a minute.

Costs of living in Baltimore

Moving to a new city and getting used to everything new can sometimes be challenging. But, it is perhaps neat to start getting to know the price of essential foods. Because, what is more, important than food? 🍔

Well, housing probably, but that we already told you. *wink* Knowing your meats and fruits before arriving at your new home sounds yummy.

Here’s a table of the food prices in Baltimore:

Milk (regular), (1 liter) 0.86$
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 2.21$
Eggs (regular) (12) 2.54$
Local Cheese (1kg) 8.53$
Chicken Fillets (1kg) 7.38$
Apples (1kg) 3.96$
Banana (1kg) 1.47$
Oranges (1kg) 5.54$
Tomato (1kg) 5.20$
Potato (1kg) 2.92$
Onion (1kg) 3.59$
Lettuce (1 head) 1.56$

Source: Numbeo

Get a bang for your buck! Fill out the form to calculate your quote estimate and get ready to call Charm City, your urban home.

What is a livable salary in Maryland?

Keep in mind that the median salary in Baltimore, MD is $40,100. Source: Nerdwallet

Since September 2020, there has been an update on the Living Wage Law that requires employers to pay $14.42 per hour in Tier 1 jurisdictions and Tier 2 $10.83 per hour.

To know in detail how much is an hourly wage, weekly, monthly and annual pay in different cities in Maryland, take a look at the table:

City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Germantown $66,526 $5,544 $1,279 $31.98
Columbia $66,492 $5,541 $1,279 $31.97
Silver Spring $64,214 $5,351 $1,235 $30.87
Ellicott City $63,482 $5,290 $1,221 $30.52
Glen Burnie $63,414 $5,284 $1,219 $30.49
Hagerstown $61,700 $5,142 $1,187 $29.66
Baltimore $61,520 $5,127 $1,183 $29.58
Waldorf $60,452 $5,038 $1,163 $29.06
Frederick $59,654 $4,971 $1,147 $28.68
Salisbury $57,150 $4,762 $1,099 $27.48

Source: Zipcruiter

Best places to work at

Looking at the top overall places to work at if moving to Baltimore, there are private, public, small, and large scale companies that are diverse, professional, and paying well.

Those include:

  1. Legg Mason (investment management firm)
  2. T. Rowe Price (management)
  3. MCCORMICK & COMPANY (food company)
  4. The Johns Hopkins Hospital (health care)
  5. Royal Farms (agriculture)

If you work as a freelancer, there are many cafes, hubs, and spaces for focused, agile work schedules. Some of the best co-working hubs to work at are:

  1. Spark Baltimore.
  2. Space Baltimore.
  3. Impact Hub, Baltimore.
  4. Open Works.

Source: Coworkingmag

Image Source: Pinterest

Moving To Baltimore without a job

Moving to a new city and state means planning ahead. And the reasons for the move could be divergent. Some people move for their job, and some move because they want a fresh start. The good thing about moving to Baltimore without a job isn’t a complication at all. There is an online recruitment/human resources segment where one can find employment opportunities in many positions all over the city.

The community in Charm City is strong – people share an admirable work ethic, making it a great city to live and work in. Having a successful and fulfilling career in Baltimore is not just a dream! So much diversity, high work drive, and many different opportunities for driving social impact are all booming in Baltimore.

If searching for a job in Baltimore, take a look at the government website or contact the city office directly by mail:

Is Baltimore a good place to live?

Once named “The City That Reads”, Baltimore is a great city to relocate to if you want to enjoy a robust music and arts scene, free street festivals, and be in a diligent environment. Impressions and experiences of living in Baltimore vary, because at the end of the day, what matters most is what you want in your city.

A fun fact: Did you know that Edgar Allan Poe’s house is located in Baltimore? It is where his family is from and where his career was established. Visiting his home turned into a museum is a good place to bring the entire family as well.

There is Artscape as well in Baltimore City. This event is held annually and is very special as it is one of the largest arts festivals in the USA. Also, it’s free! For three whole days, you can stroll around town and see more than 150 artisan vendors, different snacks and food, impressive performances, and visual art exhibits.

The Baltimore Inner Harbor is one of the residents’ favorites. This neighborhood is surrounded by water making it a neat place to stroll and enjoy the nice weather. The in and around Harbour is more expensive. You can do many things there, many different foods to try and many interesting people to meet, to feel the real vibe of Baltimore. If you appreciate spending your free time like this, you’d probably love that you moved.

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We know moving is hard. But, we make moving easy. Get a ballpark estimate by filling out a quick form to get you started moving to Baltimore.

What is the best area to live in Baltimore?

Remember Tracy Turnblad from the 2007 film Hairspray and Good Morning Baltimore? Her love for the city she wakes up in is adorable! While you daydream of your new life in Baltimore city, take a look at the neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Neighborhoods in Baltimore are primarily divided into nine geographical regions: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, and Central, but everyone has many smaller parts of the town which vary in safety, amenities, price, and social status.

Fell’s Point, for example, is where young entrepreneurs mostly are. This neighborhood is centralized and urban, with a constant live vibe.

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Baltimore crime rates are high in Edmondson Village, in the southwest part of town, and Grove Park, Greater Rosemont, Fairfield, Orangeville, Greenmount East, Berea, and West Baltimore.

But safe and reliable parts of the city, with less crime and more security, are there as well:

  • Little Italy,
  • Federal Hill
  • Fell’s Point
  • Baltimore Inner Harbor
  • Mount Vernon
  • Wyman Park

Wyman Park is a small neighborhood in Baltimore and one of the best places to live in the state. A family-friendly part of the city has good job opportunities and great nightlife. With mostly homeowners, Wyman park is where the urban beat of Baltimore starts.

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What’s the weather like in Baltimore?

A city with a harbor has hot and humid summers, while the winters are very cold, wet, and windy, and it is partly cloudy year-round. When we look at all seasons, temperatures never drop below 18°F or go above 97°F.

Rainfall is common but not debilitating. Taking a short ride of 45 minutes will get you to D.C, an hour and a half to Philly, both of which can be planned as day trips on a free day!

Transportation in Baltimore

Mass public transport in Baltimore includes the bus, light rail, subway, and commuter buses. Downloading the “Transit App” will ease trip planning and your ETAs.

Subreddit r/Baltimore states that a regular one-way fare is $1.90 and a day pass is $4.40 for the bus, light rail, and subway. Commuter bus passes range from $5 to $8 for a one-way ticket.

Image Source: Pinterest

Scooters and car-sharing rides are also significant to Baltimore traffic and transportation systems. Both are great options if you are always on the move, avoiding inner city congestions.

Cost of moving to Baltimore

The cost of moving to Baltimore depends much on the moving origin, moving destination, and the size of the move. Depending on the size of your apartment or home is how much furniture you’ll have and bring. Also, it hangs on to what you want to bring and what to buy new.

For a personalized estimate on the cost of moving, fill out the form, call 800-886-5760 or write to us at

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