How to Make Moving in the Winter Easy

Why should you move in the winter months? 

During the winter months, moving companies are usually less busy. This makes it easier to book your move on the day/time that works best for you. With fewer people moving, it is also much easier to reserve elevators & parking. Most importantly, it’s much cheaper to move during the winter months!

Moving in the winter comes with its own set of challenges, but there are ways to ensure that your winter move will be easy and successful. 


Be aware of weatherRelated image

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and things may change if safety becomes a concern. Keep and eye on the weather in the weeks prior to your move and reschedule if it looks like there is going to be a snow storm. 


Prepare for moving day 

You want to make sure that everything is ready for your movers on moving day! If you are packing yourself, try to have all your packing done and ready to move. Have as much prepared as possible to make things easier for you and your movers.


Protect your items 

In the event of rain or snow, you will want your items packed differently. If you are moving in the winter, boxes with secure packing tape will protect most items. However, you should consider putting things into plastic totes, especially if there is a concern for heavy rain or snow. Furniture should be shrink wrapped and artwork should be wrapped in plastic. If anything is going to be sitting outside for a long period of time, provide an extra layer of protection by covering items with a tarp. 


Clear the wayRelated image

It may snow the night before or the day of your move. If this happens, you’ll need to get out your shovel and clear a path from your home to wherever the truck will be parked. Salt and/or sand walking paths if it’s icy! You don’t want anyone to slip and get hurt. 


Give yourself time

If the weather is bad, you should expect some kind of delay. Travel time, loading time, and unloading time can all be affected by weather. Give yourself extra time to complete your move.

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