How to a Plan a Successful Garage Sale

To lessen the burden of packing before moving, it’s best to rid yourself of the items you no longer need. The easiest way to do this is through a garage sale! A garage sale is a great way to purge excess items or things that you no longer have a use for. It will also save you time and money.

Garage sales may seem like a lot of work, but if you plan ahead, things will be pretty easy. 


1. Have your garage sale on a weekend Image result for weekend garage esale

It’s best to have your garage sale on a Saturday or Sunday (or both days if needed)! You’ll have the best chance of people stopping by on a weekend when people are off work. Garage sales have the most success during the spring and summer months (depending on where you live). As for the time of day, starting early is always a good idea. 


2. Decide on what you want to sell 

Deciding what you are going to sell at your garage sale is a great way to start some pre-move decluttering. As you decide what you want to sell, you can also figure out things you want to trash or possibly donate. When going through your items, ask yourself how often you use each item. Don’t underestimate what people will be willing to buy. Whether it’s old electronics, clothing, furniture, or miscellaneous items, it’s more than likely that someone will be willing to buy it for the right price. 


3. Get organizedImage result for people seeling thingsGarage sale pictures

Once you know what you want to sell, it’s time to get organized. Group items together and box/pack items that need it. Hang up all the clothing and space out the larger furniture pieces. When all your items are sorted, make sure each  item has a price label. Make it easy for your shoppers and create signs for each section on the day of your garage sale. 


4. Spread the word 

Most people like to make signs around their neighborhood (or neighborhoods close to their home). Make sure the signs include the important details like dates and times. In some cases, it’s good to have a (brief) list of the types of items you are selling. Many people won’t bother to stop unless they think you have something they might be interested in. 


5. Try to sell everythingImage result for person selling stuff at garage sale

People at garage sales are always going to try to bargain with you on price. Just keep in mind that the goal is to get rid of items the you no longer need/use so that they don’t need to be packed or moved. You also need to consider that the things you don’t sell you’ll still need to get rid of. It may be worth it to drop the price. 

6. Make a plan for things that don’t sell 

Realistically, you probably won’t sell everything you want to sell. Make sure you have a plan for all these items. Whether it’s trash or donation, have a plan to get rid of the rest in stuff you couldn’t sell. 

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