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Moveprice was founded with a simple premise:

Moving is stressful, filled with risk and uncertainty. Moveprice simplifies the move process and improves the accuracy of the move quote. The end result … you save time and money, and you can sleep better knowing that you won’t have unexpected move day surprises.



Our movers are professionals, trained to make your move safe and easy.



MovePrice uses modern technologies in order to make moving easier.


Virtual Move Estimate

We use sophisticated software that estimates cost of your move within a couple of minutes.

Stress-free Moving with the newest technology on the market

We make moving easy.

Because you deserve only the best

Why MovePrice

Most moving companies are poor communicators, and not very attentive to your needs. We are different. We will provide you with an instant quote here on our site, and secure your rate using our proprietary video estimating technology, saving you the time, energy, and hassle that is usually involved with getting move quotes. 

Our concierge team will then customize a move plan to meet your personal moving needs, and provide ongoing support 24/7 during the course of your move.

We do all of this for you at a competitive price for the highest quality moving services available anywhere!

You’re moving – and if you are like most people, you want to get through the hassle of getting move quotes and selecting a mover quickly. AND you want to ensure a smooth, easy and low-stress moving experience.

This is where Moveprice can help.

move estimate

“We did a Virtual Walk-through of my house and I got an estimate within an hour (at a time when I could not get other movers to even give me a price). On the day of the move the guys showed up right on time and everything went perfect. I even referred my parents to them for their move.”

-Ahley O.

communication is key

What is virtual move survey

Finaly - Easy Moving

No time for an in-home move estimate, or just need a quick quote? No worries.

Moveprice has the moving industry’s first and best virtual survey tool.  We will quickly contact you, survey your household goods through the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet, and deliver a free, no obligation move estimate, without the time and disruption of an in-home appointment.

Our video survey technology enables us to conduct a two-way conversation with you, while you remotely walk us through your home and tell us about the items you want moved. Then our system automatically creates an inventory of items to be moved, calculates weights and dimensions and renders an accurate move quote – all within a few minutes!



1. Tell us about your move

Complete our short online questionnaire to let us know where you are moving from and to, how many rooms you are moving, and your estimated move date. That’s all!

2. Get an Instant Price Quote

Hit submit and we will immediately present you with a ballpark Moveprice estimate so that you have an idea of what it will cost to complete your move.

3. Join Us for a Virtual Move Survey

Within minutes, we will call you to perform a video survey of your home and the items that you plan to move.

The video survey will allow us to discuss your personal moving needs, inventory the items to be moved, and calculate an accurate Moveprice.

The video survey only takes a few minutes, and because it is done using a phone or tablet device, you can avoid taking time from work or family to have strangers visit your home for an in-home estimate.

Our video survey technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence that quickly inventories your household goods, calculates the weights and dimensions, and within seconds generates an accurate move quote.

4. Get an Accurate Move Quote + Schedule Your Move

That’s it – three simple steps, a few minutes and you get an accurate move quote.

Your move quote has been hand-crafted to meet your personal needs.

Our technology ensures an accurate Moveprice that you can rely on come move day.
We will commit to a move date that will meet your needs.
Our AMSA Certified Pro-Movers will deliver prompt, friendly, and caring moving services.
Our team is available around the clock, sevens a week (24/7), to support you throughout your move.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

important things you should know - FAQ

Questions And Answers

It is the fastest way to get an accurate move quote without the hassle and inconvenience of an in-home move estimate. And Moveprice delivers a hand-crafted move plan that you can count on for a stress-free move experience.

It’s easy, simply give us your move details (online or on the phone) and get an instant ballpark Moveprice. Then, we will contact you within minutes to do a guided video survey of your move and deliver an accurate and personalized move quote.

If the move quote meets your needs, we will schedule your move and you can cross one more thing off your to-do list.

It’s easy, simply give us your move details (online or on the phone) and get an instant ballpark Moveprice. Then, we will contact you within minutes to do a guided video survey of your move and deliver an accurate and personalized move quote.

If the move quote meets your needs, we will schedule your move and you can cross one more thing off your to-do list.

An accurate home inventory leads to an accurate move quote, and Moveprice will deliver an accurate move quote in minutes.

With an accurate Moveprice, you can avoid costly move surprises. And you can rest assure that your move costs will be fair and comprehensive.

Plus, time is money – saving the hours and inconvenience of an in-home survey, will give you more time for family, work, or even a few minutes to relax.

Our move quotes are the most accurate you’ll find, due to our proprietary pricing technology. And our prices are highly competitive, as they are based on a survey of industry move costs, with appropriate discounts applied.

Moveprice will schedule and book your move and oversee the entire move process. Anytime during your move, our Move Coaches are available 24/7 to support your needs and answer your questions.

We are affiliated with a national van line and your move will performed by trusted members of our van line network. The Moveprice van line network consists of AMSA certified Pro-Movers, with high Better Business Bureau ratings, and van line credentials. Therefore, our network movers are all quality screened and are among the best in the industry.

For you move, we match your location and needs to our network and identify certified movers who serve your area and move type, assuring you of qualified movers for your move.

Our virtual survey technology captures all the items and nuances associated you’re your move. And our artificial intelligence calculates extremely accurate inventories, weights and measurements without the risk of human error. This highly technical approach to move estimating, coupled with the personal counselling of our Moveprice Move Coaches, will deliver a hand-crafted Moveprice that exactly meets your needs.

The Moveprice system has been used on thousands of moves and had been proven to be more accurate than in-home move estimates.

When movers come to your home to perform a move survey, the price quote is based on each mover’s “perception” of what your household goods weigh. So, every mover might “guess” a different weight. And varying shipment weights means a disparity in Moveprices.

With Moveprice, we are video surveying your home inventory, and the system accurately calculates the shipment weight and dimensions for great accuracy and a faster price quote, free of human error.

Yes, when you do the home inventory you are saving the hours you would need to commit to in-home estimates. And at the same time, the inventory and subsequently price quotes will be more accurate.

And it takes less than 15 minutes to get multiple estimates – vs. an hour or more for a single in-home mover estimate.

Simply complete our brief online questionnaire or call us, and you get immediate answers.

For long distance moves, move costs are determined based on the weight of your household items and the distance between origin and destination. The price may also vary based on packing, other ancillary service needs, and the time of year.

Local moves are based on the number of hours the move will take, and the number of men. The time is determined by shipment weight, plus drive time between locations.

No, not with Moveprice.

Historically, the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) recommended getting an in-home estimate as the best way to get an accurate move quote. But I the last few years, AMSA, along with other moving authorities, have recognized video survey as comparable, yet faster, way to get an accurate move quote.

Also, while an in-home survey will yield a more accurate estimate than a phone quote, there will be variation if shipment weight and therefore price based on the estimator’s perceptions of your shipment size. With Moveprice you have the benefit of an in-home estimate without the hassle, time, or mover inconsistencies. In essence, you are performing the in-home survey (via a video stream), then our system determines an accurate weight, and we can provide more consistent move quotes.

The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) established the Pro-Mover certification program as way to help protect consumers against rogue or inexperience movers.

By using a certified Pro-Mover, you can be assured that the mover is a legitimate business with a service history, are reputable, and have met or exceed AMSA certification standards.

our team of experts are here for you

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