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Not only is MovePrice the fastest way to connect with qualified movers, but it will save you time, money, and stress


15 minutes vs. 5 hours

Simply tell us about your move, input your home inventory (in less than 15 minutes!) and will give you an accurate price estimate and recommend qualified movers to perform your move.

With our online inventory worksheet (or mobile app) you have all the information you need to compare prices from movers – saving you the time of scheduling and meeting with numerous movers in your home or repeatedly sharing the same information with several movers.

We save you the time of researching and shopping movers, while insuring competent movers with competitive prices.


Apples-to-apples comparisons without human error

Because you complete the home inventory worksheet., all participating movers are basing your price quotes on the same information – insuring that the prices are all comparable and accurate.

If you use the MovePrice app, you can also upload videos on each room –the visual will enable the movers to your items, further assuring that the price quotes are accurate.


Avoid move day surprises.

Using the accurate MovePrice inventory worksheet/app will help avoid extra move day costs by enabling an accurate price estimate based on your actual home inventory. And all your mover quotes are all based on the same information – so the pricing is easy to compare. You can have confidence that your move cost is accurate and competitive.

And using a MovePrice recommended mover will insure that you are working with top-rated industry pro who will provide topnotch service on move day. No rogue movers!


Free Home Inventories and Move Prices

MovePrice delivers accurate move cost estimates and mover recommendation without any cost to you.

There is no obligation to use our recommended movers

But if you do, you will pay for your move directly with the qualified mover that you select

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