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FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

Why should I use MovePrice?

It is the only way to accurately compare certified movers and get real time accurate price quotes without taking the time to organize multiple in-home move surveys estimates

How do I use MovePrice?

Its easy, simple give us your move details, and complete the online home inventory worksheet (invest less than 15 minutes) --- hit submit – and sit back and relax.

We'll provide a move price estimate and recommended certified movers.

Or for an even faster experience – download the MovePrice app --- it the slickest way to get move prices.

How does MovePrice save me time?

To get an accurate move quote usually requires an in-home move survey -- they can take one hour or more

Most people shop 3-5 movers ---- To comparison shop requires in-home estimates from 3-5 mover taking 3- 5 hours.

Most people don't know a good mover – researching, identifying, contacting and qualifying 3-5 movers can take hours.

Or you can use MovePrice – we do it all for you --- no need for in-home estimates – and our home inventory app will provide a more accurate price quote --- in less than 15 minutes!

We save you hours of research, meetings, time away form work and family, and worry ----- all while giving you a more accurate cost and highly qualified mover options.

How does MovePrice save me money?

An accurate home inventory leads to an accurate move quote.

Comparing accurate move quotes enable you to select the mover with the best cost and service.

Plus the time you save from meeting with movers and the worry about move day price surprises is priceless.

* Add in No Costly Sales team

Why will my MovePrice costs be more accurate?

The MovePrice system has been used on thousands of moves and had been proven to be more accurate than in-home move estimates.

When movers come to your home to perform a move survey, the price quote is based on each movers "perception" of what your household goods weigh. So every mover might "guess" a different weight. And varying shipment weights means a disparity in move prices.

With MovePrice, you are entering your home inventory, and the system accurately calculates the shipment weight.

Thereafter, each mover will be using the same move information to quote their price. Will all move quote based on the same weight, you can make a true apples-to-apples price comparison.

Is a self service home inventory really better?

Yes, when you do the home inventory you are saving the many hours you would need to commit to in-home estimates. And at the same time, the inventory and subsequently price quotes will be more accurate.

And it takes less than 15 minutes to get multiple estimates – vs. an hour or more for a single in-home mover estimate.

How do I get the MovePrice App?

Simply visit your app store of choice (Apple or Android), search for MovePrice, and download it for free.

What if I can't download the App?

No worries, you can use the inventory tool on our website, The app is more interactive and fun, but the web inventory is easy and will get the job done.

How are move costs calculated?

For long distance moves, move costs are determined based on the weight of your household items and the distance between origin and destination. The price may also vary based on packing, other ancillary service needs, and the time of year.

Local moves are based on the number of hours the move will take, and the number of men. The time is determined by shipment weight, plus drive time between locations.

Do I really need an in-home move estimate?

No, not with MovePrice.

The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) recommends getting in-home estimates, as the best way to get an accurate move quote. But while an in-home survey will yield a more accurate estimate than a phone quote, there will be variation if shipment weight and therefore price based on the estimator's perceptions of your shipment size.

With MovePrice you have the benefit of an in-home estimate without the hassle, time, or mover inconsistencies. In essence, you are performing the in-home survey, (using our app) then our system determines an accurate weight, and the movers provide more consistent move quotes.

How do you select my movers?

All moving companies in the MovePrice network are AMSA certified Pro-Movers, have high Better Business Bureau ratings, and are approved agents of leading van lines. Therefore, they are all quality screened and are among the best in the industry.

For you move, we match your location and needs to our network and identify certified movers who serve your area and move type, assuring you of qualified movers for your move.

Why do I need an AMSA Certified Pro-Mover?

The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) established the Pro-Mover certification program as way to help protect consumers against rogue or inexperience movers.

By using a certified Pro-Mover you can be assured that the mover is a legitimate business with a service history, are reputable, and have met or exceed AMSA certification standards.

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