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About MovePrice

MovePrice was founded with a simple premise:

Moving is stressful and worrisome, filled with risk and uncertainity. MovePrice simplifies the move process and improves the accuracy of the move quote.  End result ... you save time and money.

Our experience is that when competing movers use the same home inventory, the customer gets an apples-to-apples comparison quote enabling them to make a quantified choice when selecting a mover.

MovePrice was developed by moving industry veterans with over 100 years of combined residential and commercial moving experience.  That combined experience led to the understanding that...

  • Most customers get 3-5 move estimates
  • If each mover came to their house and took an hour for an in-home estimate, the customer had to invest five hours, plus time off from work and away from family activities just to get move quotes
  • Then, each mover used their own method for calculating shipment weights and move costs
  • This results in large inaccuracies in shipment weights, which is the number one factor impacting move price quotes
  • So then on move day, there were often extra costs when the real weight was determined, creating an unhappy customer

So, we decided to revolutionize the industry --- and we built MovePrice to simplify and improve your moving experience.

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